Wednesday, April 27, 2005

WA Online

WA Online

WA Online Pty Ltd has launched its new corporate website featuring a rolling animation of Western Australian images.

The WA Online catchphrase is -
Building information bridges for Western Australian communities.

The bridge metaphor is used to provide the 2 "information" entry ramps provided by the WA Online websites.

The first is to provide relevant and highly useful local information to local people.

The second entry ramp enables researchers, potential visitors, retirees, immigrants or investors to learn more about each town as well as giving them the tools to get to the town, book accommodation, hire a car, organise a restaurant, book a tour, look at real estate and make appointments with businesses or even a school.

One of the major aims of the WA Online project is to redress the infrastructure drain from regional Western Australia.

WA Online is currently applying for WARIS funding from the Department of Logal Government and REgional Development to help fund the location of Site Administrators throughout regional Western Australia.

If you'd like more information on the WA Online project, please visit their website.