Thursday, April 07, 2005

Bunbury tourism & Bunbury accommodation

Bunbury tourism & Bunbury accommodation

In May 2005 Bunbury Online launches its major revamp of its current website with a heavy focus on Bunbury tourism and Bunbury accommodation services.

The new modules will be run by south west Western Australia's best known tourism personality, Tony Ashbolt.

The flagship module coming to Bunbury Online will be the live Bunbury accommodation booking service. You'll be able to book all styles of Bunbury accommodation and included in this new module will be a Bunbury Last Minute Accommodation section where Bunbury accommodation specials will be available.

You'll be able to book a table at a Bunbury restaurant and even choose from the menu - ideal for time-limited business lunches. We hope to have all Bunbury restaurants involved in this new service.

There'll be a host of new Bunbury tourism services on offer so please check back regularly to the Bunbury Online website.