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Bunbury photo gift

Bunbury photo gift, originally uploaded by kpp.

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Alice Springs Photo

Alice Springs Photo, originally uploaded by kpp.

This particular Alice Springs photo is of Sturt Desert Peas, a native flower of central Australia and the Northern Territory, just near the Alice Springs airport.

If you'd like to purchase Northern Territory photos or photos of Alice Springs and the Alice Springs - Central Australia area plus other Northern Territory locations including Darwin you can visit the Sky Australia online Northern Territory Art Store.

You'll find numerous Alice Springs photos and a range of photography and photo gifts in and around Alice Springs in Australia's Northern Territory.

Katherine Northern Territory Photo

Katherine Northern Territory Photo, originally uploaded by kpp.

This photo in Katherine Northern Territory is of the original Katherine homestead built and occupied by the pioneering Giles family.

If you'd like to see more photos of Katherine Northern Territory or purchase Katherine stock photography or purchase Katherine photo gifts you can follow the link above to the online Sky Australia Photo Shop.

You'll find various Northern Territory photos including Katherine stock photography plus photos of Darwin and Alice Springs.

Darwin photo

Darwin photo, originally uploaded by kpp.

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You'll photos and photo gifts of Darwin Northern Territory and various locations around the Darwin area. This particular shot is of the Nightcliff area, a Darwin suburb on the beach north of Darwin. There are plenty of other shots of the Darwin area as well including Mindl Beach Marketys and Litchfield National Park.

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Bunbury News

You can find Bunbury news and in particular Bunbury business news on the Sky Australia website.

There are updates on Bunbury real estate and Bunbury property, Bunbury business reports, Bunbury accommodation, Bunbury travel and Bunbury tourism notes. You can also buy online Bunbury photos at the Sky website.

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WA & NT photos

You can now purchase photos of Western Australian and the Northern Territory at -

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There are albums on Bunbury and Busselton in Western Australia and Darwin, Katherine and Alice Springs in the Northern Territory.

Buy WA & NT photos online

Buy WA & NT photos online, originally uploaded by kpp.

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Pacific Princess in Bunbury

Pacific Princess in Bunbury, originally uploaded by kpp.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Australian Photography

You can now purchase Australian photos and photo gifts online at -

These photos are of landscapes, wildlife and people with a focus on regional Western Australia and Darwin, Alice Springs and Uluru (Ayers Rock) in the Northern Territory.

You can order prints, webphotos, royalty free useage and an array of novelty photo gift and display items.

If you are chasing some great Australian photos please take a peek.

Western Australia & Northern Territory.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Collie Western Australia

WA Online is readying its Collie Western Australia website ready for launch in August 2005.

Mandurah Western Australia

WA Online is readying its Mandurah WA website ready for launch in August 2005.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Busselton Western Australia

Busselton man in mine death

According to investigators, the Busselton man who was killed recently
at a West Australian gold mine was believed to have been jump-
starting a truck when he was crushed to death.

The 51-year-old Busselton man was working at Agincourt Resources'
open-pit gold mine at Wiluna, in the north-eastern goldfields region,
about 3pm last Friday when the incident occurred.

WA police were at the scene late on Friday, and mining inspectors
from the Resources Safety Division flew to the scene from Kalgoorlie
and Perth early Saturday morning. According to the the WA Department
of Consumer and Employment Protection's (DOCEP) Resources Safety
Division, the matter is still under investigation.


Welcome to Busselton Online, the new online resource for Busselton
Western Australia.

This new Busselton website will be launched in the second half of
July 2005 and will offer more information on Busselton than has
previously ever existed.

There are modules on this Busselton site featuring both economic and
social aspects of the Busselton, Dunsborough and Yallingup
communities. You'll find a Busselton real estate guide with
information and contact details on all the Busselton real estate
agents and live Busselton property listings; there's an online
Busselton accommodation booking service and a raft of other Busselton
tourist guides and helpers.

Stay tuned for more information on Busselton Online and Busselton
Western Australia.

busselton real estate

The Busselton Real Estate Guide will be live in late July 2005.

This Busselton property guide will feature information and contact
details for Busselton real estate agents, live Busselton real estate
listings with properties for sale in the Busselton, Dunsborough and
Yallingup areas.

We trust you enjoy making use of the Busselton real estate guide.

busselton real estate agents

You'll find information on Busselton real estate agents on the new
Busselton real estate guide.

There'll be zoom-in, zoom-out maps so you can locate all the
Busselton estate agents and each real estate agent will be able to
display all their staff with photos, direct phone contacts and their
email addresses.

This will form part of the online Busselton property listings that
can be searched from anywhere in the world. Properties will be
listed from Busselton, Dunsborough and Yallingup.

busselton real estate agent

All the Busselton real estate agents will be included on the new
Busselton real estate guide.

You'll find zoom-in, zoom-out maps enabling you to locate all the
Busselton estate agents and each Busselton estate agency will be able
to display all their staff with photos, direct phone contacts and
their email addresses.

The Busselton real estate guide will feature Busselton property
listings that can be searched from anywhere in the world. Properties
will be listed from Busselton, Dunsborough and Yallingup.

busselton western australia

Busselton Western Australia is located 2.5 hours drive south of Perth
and is one of Western Australia's favourite holiday destinations.

In Busselton there's plenty to do and see and all the best of these
will be featured in the many tourist modules contained within this
Busselton online website.

Welcome to Busselton Western Australia and Busselton Online.

busselton australia

The Shire covers an area of 1454 square kilometres and has much to
offer visitors who can either enjoy the waters of Geographe Bay or
explore the inland regions with its unspoilt bushland, caves,
wildflowers, galleries and vineyards.

In the city centre there are Coles, Woolworths, Action and Bi-Lo
supermarkets and there are a range of smaller supermarkets dotted
around the residential and resort areas with a major shopping centre
also located at Dunsborough.

All the major Australian banks have offices in Busselton and these
are open 10am - 4pm Monday through Thursday and until 5pm on Fridays,
although credit and building societies normally also open on Saturday
mornings. Overseas visitors can withdraw cash from their savings
accounts or get credit card cash advances from these ATM's in
Australian dollars which greatly reduces the need for travellers'
cheques or carrying large sums of cash whilst travelling.

In Australia it is possible to link credit, savings and cheque
accounts onto a single card, so armed with a plastic card you should
be both able to withdraw cash, pay bills and deposit cheques at
automatic teller machines or retail outlets. Be warned that some
establishments may (quite legally) add a credit card surcharge to
their account although this is quite rare but do remember that your
total bill does include Australia's 10% Goods and Services Tax.

To get around Busselton there are taxis and a public bus transport
service (a timetable for which is in the Shire of Busselton Community
Directory) but we'd recommend hiring your own vehicle or bringing
your own car as many of the attractions are out of town.

The Busselton Library located in Stanley Street in the CBD area and
the Dunsborough Library in Dunsborough Lakes Drive are open Monday to
Saturday with membership not only available to residents but also to
visitors in the Busselton area. Bookings for informational and
research purposes may be made free of charge in 1 hour blocks, with a
maximum booking time of 2 hours per day, while bookings for internet
based e mail maybe made in half hour blocks with a maximum booking
time of 1 hour per day, with a fee of $5.50 per half hour or $8.25
per hour.

There's a number of local real estate agents in Busselton,
Dunsborough and Margaret River with local Busselton real estate
listings on the internet at Busselton Online.

busselton property

The Busselton Shire covers an area of 1454 square kms and offers
visitors access to the waters of Geographe Bay or the opportunity to
explore the inland regions with its unspoilt bushland, caves,
wildflowers, galleries and vineyards.

The Busselton area includes Dunsborough, Eagle Bay and Yallingup.

Be warned that some establishments may (quite legally) add a credit
card surcharge to their account although this is quite rare but do
remember that your total bill does include Australia's 10% Goods and
Services Tax. To get around Busselton there are taxis and a public
bus transport service (a timetable for which is in the Shire of
Busselton Community Directory) but we'd recommend hiring your own
vehicle or bringing your own car as many of the attractions are out
of town.

Bookings, at the Shire of Busselton libraries in the town centre and
at Dunsborough, for informational and research purposes may be made
free of charge in 1 hour blocks, with a maximum booking time of 2
hours per day, while bookings for internet based e mail maybe made in
half hour blocks with a maximum booking time of 1 hour per day, with
a fee of $5.50 per half hour or $8.25 per hour.

busselton accommodation

You can book Busselton accommodation online at the new Busselton
accommodation booking service.

Search the many Busselton accommodation options including
acoomodation in Dunsbrough and Yallingup. Nowhere else will you find
the range of features for Busselton accommodation bookings as you'll
see at Busselton Online.

All Busselton hotel and accommodation bookings are completely live
and confirmed online. Soon you'll be able to book tours and
Busselton restaurants as well so stay tuned for more news on the
Busselton tourism scene.

busselton tourism

Busselton tourists now have a new online resource available to them
in the form of the Busselton Online business and tourist portal.

Busselton Online is the initial rollout site of WA Online, whose
motto is -

"Building information bridges for Western Australian communities".

busselton restaurant
busselton resort
busselton business
busselton jetty
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book busselton accommodation online
busselton travel
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busselton travel guide
busselton travel agent
Shire of Busselton

Friday, June 17, 2005

Turquoise Bay, Near Exmouth

Turquoise Bay, Near Exmouth, originally uploaded by kpp.

One of the photos of David Bettini that will feature on the upcoming Exmouth Online.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Busselton real estate

Busselton real estate, originally uploaded by kpp.

The Busselton real estate and Busselton property guide at Busselton Online will be live this week.

If you'd like to enter your Busselton property just click on the subject heading above and you'll be taken directly to the Busselton real estate guide.

Busselton real estate owners can expect to see the Busselton real estate guide hit number 1 on all the major search engines in the same way as the Bunbury real estate guide is the number 1 result for all major search engine queries for Bunbury real estate, Bunbury real estate agent or Bunbury property. Indeed for Bunbury real estate on, Bunbury Online holds the top 3 spots and 80% of page 1 results for Bunbury property.

Already if you do a search for Busselton real estate on ninemsn the first 8 results are for Busselton Online or other WA Online sites. Busselton property returns 1, 2 & 3 and 6 of the top ten are WA Online sites. Busselton real estate agent returns 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 8 - also for 60% domination of page 1 results.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Mortlock River near Northam

Mortlock River near Northam

The Mortlock River near Northam.

WA Online is about to launch 3 wheatbelt WA websites including Northam Online, Moora Online and Narrogin Online.

WA Online management wishes to extend their thanks to the Wheatbelt Development Commission and the Shires of Moora and Northam for the wonderful assistance and support offered in the process of bring these sites to life.

Watch out shortly for our Moora, Narrogin and Northam websites.

Alice Springs

Alice Springs

WA Online is in the process of setting up two Northern Territory websites, Alice Springs Online and Darwin Online.

Both the Darwin and Alice Springs websites will be operational by August 2005.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Busselton Western Australia

Busselton Western Australia

Busselton Western Australia is home to the stunning Bunker Bay Resort.

Bunker Bay (pictured here) is just short of Cape Naturaliste in the south west of Western Australia and approximately a 20 minute drive from Busselton.

Busselton Western Australia is home to numerous top flight resort hotels and apartments but the Bunker Bay Resort is on a scale largely not seen in Western Australia previously.

This photo of Bunker Bay is by David Bettini whose photography will feature on all WA Online websites including Busselton Online.

Busselton property

Busselton property

Busselton property is some of Western Australia's hottest real estate with many Western Australians looking either to purchase returement or holiday properties in the Busselton area.

The photo above is of the new Vasse Newtown development between Busselton and Margaret River.

Busselton Australia

Busselton Australia

Busselton Australia is on the south west coast of WA and is one of Western Australians favourite destinations. (This photo by Christian Fletcher is of Busselton's Geographe Bay and will feature on the new Busselton Online website.)

The Busselton area is often referred to by Perth residents as "down south", being located 232km south of Perth, Busselton has a population of over 25,000 and is one of Australia's fastest growing centres with an average annual growth rate of 4.5%.

The first recorded mapping of what is now Geographe Bay and the eventual town of Busselton, was in 1801 by the French explorer Nicolas Baudin, from the ships the Geographe and Naturaliste. The Bay was named after his ship whilst the river was named the Vasse after a sailor who was lost in the surf when a landing party was returning to the ship at night.

The area was settled in 1832 when families from the Augusta area, led by John Garrett Bussell, travelled north to farm the areas around the Vasse River after they found the Cape Leeuwin area to be largely infertile and difficult to reach by sea.

A growing port serviced the settlers and the subsequent local industries that developed which included the exportation of horses to India and a developing trade in beef, dairy and timber (which continue to be major exports of the Busselton area to this day). Construction of the Busselton jetty began in 1865 and by 1960 had reached out 2 kilometres from the shore.

Prior to white settlement, this area is the traditional land of the Noongar Aboriginal people with many Noongar names and travel routes still widely used today. The Noongar (which means "man") people have occupied the south west area of Western Australia for around 38,000 years and their traditional stories tell of the Waagle (or Rainbow Serpent) giving life and sustenance to their people who in return were the caretakers of the land.

Enjoying a mild Mediterranean climate, the town and suburbs have grown along the shores of Geographe Bay and naturally enough water sports, tourism as well as a growing seafoods industry, feature highly in the local lifestyle and economy.

Western Australia is Australia's largest state, comprising about one-third of Australia's land mass and occupying over 2.5 million square kilometres in area. WA is divided into 10 regional areas - the South West, Mid West, North West, Peel, Wheatbelt, Great Southern, Goldfields-Esperance, Pilbara, Gascoyne and Kimberley.

The South West area of WA is one of the world's great places to live, with a Mediterranean climate, sandy-white beaches, beautiful native forests and all the infrastructure expected of a modern western society.

Busselton is the tourism hub in WA's "South West", an area that is home to the Margaret River wine region and major coal, alumina and mineral sands industries; a region that boasts around 8,000 businesses and a GDP of over $5 billion. Presently it is about a 2.5 hour drive from Perth to Bunbury, but this will be reduced by 30 minutes on the completion of the recently announced Bunbury Highway or Peel Deviation. Other Western Australian tourism towns in the South West are Bunbury, Margaret River, Donnybrook, Manjimup, Augusta, Pemberton, Collie, Harvey and Bridgetown.

Busselton is well known for its jetty (the longest wooden jetty in the southern hemisphere) and its surrounding beach area. The jetty was previously in 2 sections, the main jetty and the railway jetty that converged, but in 1978 the main jetty section was destroyed by Cyclone Alby.

The original jetty was built in the 1840’s for 80 pounds and was 528 feet long but it was extended 9 times over the next 36 years before the construction of the railway jetty in 1909 where the jetty eventually reached over a mile into the bay.

Today there is an ornamental train service that will ferry passengers the length of the jetty to a new underwater observatory on the sea floor. The underwater observatory is open 7 days and accommodates up to 40 persons.

The Busselton jetty is home to the world’s southernmost coral formations and host to over 300 individual marine species, being fed by the warm waters of the Leeuwin current from Indonesia. Busselton is also home to the world's last native Tuart forest, just north of the Busselton townsite at Wonnerup.

Another “underwater” feature is the HMAS Swan dive wreck, sunk in 30m waters off Point Piquet at Meelup in 1997. The Swan was the first ship in the southern hemisphere to be sunk as a dive wreck and is now a living artificial reef and home to King George Whiting, Bullseyes, Samson Fish, Dhufish as well as various plant and corals that are attaching themselves to and around the wreck.

Back on land, there are numerous property choices in the Busselton area ranging from small cottages to traditional suburban family homes and from beach retreats to rural or semi-rural properties.

There is a wide variety of attractions, with Busselton the home of many historic and often majestic historic homes and public buildings. One of these is Wonnerup House, at the south western end of the tuart forest.

Built by the pioneering Layman family from 1837 (the present Wonnerup House was built in 1859), George Layman, age 31, was killed after being speared by a local Aboriginal in 1841. Today Wonnerup House is a living museum, operated since 1972 by the National Trust of Australia.

The Trust also maintains the school and teacher’s house built in 1874-5 opposite Wonnerup House.

Caves House at Yallingup was built in 1901 after Ned Dawson and Fred Seymour explored what are now the Yallingup Caves and the Caves Board opened 13 caves outfitted with “the electric light”.

The Busselton Courthouse and Police/Jail complex today stand as a combined museum, arts workshop and cafĂ© and represent some of Busselton’s oldest buildings. Built from 1860 to 1900 the complex in Queen Street near the Busselton jetty, the buildings were originally intended to house the town’s police and administration but grew to include a prison, court, post and telegraph office, police quarters, stables and customs house.

Other Busselton landmarks and places of interest are the Old Butter Factory, Millbrook Mill and Limekiln, Abbey Farm, Little Holland House, Sandilands Homestead, Lockeville Homestead, numerous craft centres and wineries and then the host of dazzling Busselton and Dunsborough beaches, coves and points.

John Bussell, who before emigrating to Australia, hoped to join the church, was a regular preacher at the St Mary’s church which was built in 1844 and still stands as a proud monument at the entry to Busselton.

Opposite St Mary’s church is the Ballarat Engine, the first steam locomotive to see service in Western Australia. The 15 horsepower Ballarat hauled up to 150 tons of timber at 10mph on a level track from 1871-1886 and today most children who have lived or visited the south west of Western Australia have played on this steam engine.

The Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse, 13km north-east of Dunsborough was constructed of limestone in 1904 30 metres above the sea. Many people, armed with binoculars use the vantage point to watch the mighration south of pods of whales. A timber lighthouse once also stood near the jetty at Queen Street.

There are 3 secondary schools in the Busselton area, several shopping centres, sporting grounds including great golf courses and a public hospital.

Shops are normally open 8.30am-5.30pm Monday to Friday and 8.30am-5.00pm Saturdays with late night shopping until 9pm on Thursday. Several shopping areas have extended trading hours 7 days a week. Banks only operate 10am - 4pm Monday through Thursday and until 5pm on Fridays, although credit and building societies normally also open on Saturday mornings. There are a host of automatic teller machines and bank agencies dotted in and around Busselton.

Many restaurants are open early and close late, with the remainder open in the evenings from around 6pm and for lunch around 12-2pm. There's a bevy of fast-food options both within the city area and heading south towards Dunsborough and Margaret River.

To get around Busselton there are ample modern taxis, a public bus transport service but we’d recommend hiring your own vehicle as many of the attractions are out of town. The Cape Naturaliste Tourism Association’s main base in Peel Terrace, opposite the Ballarat steam engine, will also assist with additional maps and local knowledge.

There are several Busselton medical practices and we have a listing of emergency medical contacts on our "Contact" page.

The main Post Office is in the CBD area near Bi-Lo, and postage stamps can also be purchased at local newsagencies. Postage for a standard letter, anywhere in Australia, is 50c.

Free to Air TV channels in Busselton are the ABC, GWN, WIN and SBS but many homes also receive the Perth networks 7, 9 and 10. Foxtel pay TV is also available. The electricity supply in Busselton, like the rest of Australia, is 240v. While you are travelling you can be updated on Busselton, Dunsborough and the South West region by turning to Western Tourist Radio. In Busselton turn to 96.5FM and in Dunsborough 98.4FM.

City and suburban locations in the Busselton area include Dunsborough, Yallingup, Jarrahwood, Vasse, Carbanup, Wonnerup, Broadwater, Geographe, Eagle Bay, West Busselton, Abbey, Quindalup and Bovell. There is a full listing of Busselton real estate in our Busselton real estate guide.

The Busselton and Dunsborough areas are also a popular retirement centre and the south west area is also now home to a substantial expat community from the USA, Canada, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana. Our Busselton real estate guide is of obvious benefit to business migrants, retirees and the local Busselton community.

Busselton tourism

Busselton tourism

Busselton is one of Western Australia's favourite tourism towns.

Busselton is twice the winner of WA's best tourism town whilst the neighbouring Dunsborough has also picked up the same award.

Tourism is one of the major industries in the south west coastaql town of Busselton and Busselton tourism will be a major feature of the upcoming Busselton Online website.

This photo of Geographe Bay is by acclaimed Busselton photographer Christian Fletcher whose stunning Busselton photography will be available for purchase on the Busselton Online website.

Busselton accommodation

Busselton accommodation

Busselton accommodation ranges from bunk cottages right through to world-class resort hotels.

This photo is a direction sign within the stunning Bunker Bay Resort at Cape Naturaliste.

A Busselton accomodation booking service will be available at the upcoming Busselton Online website.

Busselton business

Busselton business

Busselton business features prominantly on the new Busselton Online website.

You will be able to make numerous searches for Busselton business and there will be several Busselton businesses featured on the front page of Busselton Online.

One of the major Busselton businesses features around the Busselton tourism market.

Busselton Restaurant

Busselton Restaurant

There are numerous Busselton restaurant choices in the south west WA town.

Busselton restaurants will be a prime feature of the Busselton Online website which will be launched this week.

To find out more about Busselton restaurant and eating out options take a look at the new Busselton website.



Yallingup is the centre of Western Australia's favourite surfing district and is on the western side of Cape Naturaliste.
Yallingup apart from offering wonderful surf has a protected lagoon ideal for swimming and families.

This photo is of Canal Rocks, only a few minutes from Yallingup, by Busselton photographer Christian Fletcher.



This photo of Busselton bushl;and is by Christian Fletcher whose photography will be featured on the Busselton Online website.

Dunsborough is the pearl in the Busselton tourism oyster and is one of Western Australia's favourite destinations.

Dunsborough is about a 20 minute drive from Busselton, near Cape Naturaliste.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Narrogin WA

Narrogin WA

Bunbury real estate

The Bunbury real estate and Bunbury property guide is located at Bunbury Online.

If you need information on Bunbury property or are just looking to contact a Bunbury real estate agent click on the blue link above to go straight to the Bunbury real estate guide.

If you are looking for a Bunbury real estate agent here's a list -

Summit Realty Wittenoom Street Bunbury 6230
DAD Realty Clifton Street Bunbury 6230
Advance Realty Century 21 Stirling Street Bunbury 6230
Allwest First National Mardo Road Australind 6233
Banks Realty Spencer Street Bunbury 6230
Barr & Standley Stirling Street Bunbury 6230
Bowler Hat Realty College Row Bunbury 6230
Bunbury City Realty 79 Victoria Street Bunbury 6230
Bunbury Land & Estate Agency Spencer Street Bunbury 6230
Capel & Districts Realty Capel Drive Capel 6271
Combes Real Estate Uduc Road Harvey 6220
Commercial Realty Forrest Ave Bunbury 6230
CRT SAS Victoria Street Bunbury 6230
DAD Realty Clifton Street Bunbury 6230
Donnybrook First National South West Highway Donnybrook 6229
Elders Hennessey Road Bunbury 6230
Gard Realty Spencer Street Bunbury 6230
Garnet Property Spencer Street Bunbury 6230
Harvey District Agency Uduc Road Harvey 6220
Homes Plus Property Spencer Street Bunbury 6230
Just Property Management Marlston Drive Bunbury 6230
Krank It Up Tingle Street Bunbury 6230
Landmark Wilson Road Bunbury 6230
Lighthouse Realty Marlston Drive Bunbury 6230
Lighthouse Commercial Realty Forrest Ave Bunbury 6230
LJ Hooker Bunbury Clifton Street Bunbury 6230
LJ Hooker Harvey Hayward Street Harvey 6220
Pindan Group Mitchell Crescent Bunbury 6230
Professionals Stirling Street Bunbury 6230
Raine & Horne Victoria Street Bunbury 6230
Ray White Bunbury Stirling Street Bunbury 6230
Ray White Eaton Australind Albatross Crescent Eaton 6232
Roy Weston Spencer Street Bunbury 6230
Realty Executives Victoria Street Bunbury 6230
Southwest Property Solutions Minninup Road Bunbury 6230
Summit Realty Wittenoom Street Bunbury 6230
Teede Realty Blair Street Bunbury 6230
VNW Independent South West Hwy Donnybrook 6229

Summit Realty Wittenoom Street Bunbury 6230
DAD Realty Clifton Street Bunbury 6230
Advance Realty Century 21 Stirling Street Bunbury 6230
Allwest First National Mardo Road Australind 6233
Banks Realty Spencer Street Bunbury 6230
Barr & Standley Stirling Street Bunbury 6230
Bowler Hat Realty College Row Bunbury 6230
Bunbury City Realty 79 Victoria Street Bunbury 6230
Bunbury Land & Estate Agency Spencer Street Bunbury 6230
Capel & Districts Realty Capel Drive Capel 6271
Combes Real Estate Uduc Road Harvey 6220
Commercial Realty Forrest Ave Bunbury 6230
CRT SAS Victoria Street Bunbury 6230
DAD Realty Clifton Street Bunbury 6230
Donnybrook First National South West Highway Donnybrook 6229
Elders Hennessey Road Bunbury 6230
Gard Realty Spencer Street Bunbury 6230
Garnet Property Spencer Street Bunbury 6230
Harvey District Agency Uduc Road Harvey 6220
Homes Plus Property Spencer Street Bunbury 6230
Just Property Management Marlston Drive Bunbury 6230
Krank It Up Tingle Street Bunbury 6230
Landmark Wilson Road Bunbury 6230
Lighthouse Realty Marlston Drive Bunbury 6230
Lighthouse Commercial Realty Forrest Ave Bunbury 6230
LJ Hooker Bunbury Clifton Street Bunbury 6230
LJ Hooker Harvey Hayward Street Harvey 6220
Pindan Group Mitchell Crescent Bunbury 6230
Professionals Stirling Street Bunbury 6230
Raine & Horne Victoria Street Bunbury 6230
Ray White Bunbury Stirling Street Bunbury 6230
Ray White Eaton Australind Albatross Crescent Eaton 6232
Roy Weston Spencer Street Bunbury 6230
Realty Executives Victoria Street Bunbury 6230
Southwest Property Solutions Minninup Road Bunbury 6230
Summit Realty Wittenoom Street Bunbury 6230
Teede Realty Blair Street Bunbury 6230
VNW Independent South West Hwy Donnybrook 6229

Friday, May 27, 2005

Quairading, Wheatbelt

Quairading, Wheatbelt

A typical scene from the Western Australian wheatbelt region - this time at Quairading WA. This photo is courtesy of David Bettini and David's photos and books will be for sale on all WA Online websites including the wheatbelt sites of Moora, Northam and Narrogin.

Busselton real estate agent

If you are searching for Busselton real estate agents use this guide below or alternatively visit the new Busselton real estate and Busselton property guide located at Busselton Online.

The Busselton real estate agents are as follows -

Bay Realty Busselton 102 Queen St Busselton
Bignell Real Estate 40 Queen St Busselton
Busselton First National Real Estate 100 Queen St Busselton
Bay Realty Busselton PO Box 467 Busselton
No Agent Property PO Box 5108 West Busselton
Busselton First National 100 Queen St Busselton
Busselton Land & Estate Agency 55 Queen St Busselton
Busselton Professionals 96 Queen St Busselton
Ellis & Son 55 Queen St Busselton
Harvey Grey & Associates 64 Prince St Busselton
LJ Hooker 86 Queen St Busselton
Ray White Busselton 102 Queen St Busselton
Roy Weston Coles Complex Kent St Busselton

LJ Hooker Dunsborough Naturaliste Forum Naturaliste Terrace Dunsborough
Valuation Partners (WA) Pty Ltd PO Box 696 Dunsborough Dunsborough
White McMullen Naturaliste Forum Dunsborough
Cape Naturaliste First National Dunsborough Village Dunsborough
Professionals Dunsborough Dunsborough Centrepoint Dunn Bay Rd Dunsborough
De Chiera & Co Dunsborough Centrepoint Dunn Bay Road Dunsborough
Dunsborough Holiday Homes 54 Dunn Bay Rd Dunsborough

Margaret River:
Prater Real Estate 18 Fearn Ave Margaret River
Roy Weston Bussell Hwy Margaret River
Stocker Preston 128 Bussell Hwy Margaret River
Margaret River Real Estate First National 126 Bussell Hwy Margaret River
Acton Margaret River 129 Bussell Hwy Margaret River
Leeuwin Realty, Professionals Margaret River 135 Bussell Hwy Margaret River
Margaret River Valuation Services 128 Bussell Hwy Margaret River

Busselton real estate

Busselton real estate will be online at the new Busselton Online website commencing 1 June 2005.

Busselton real estate agents will have the opportunity to showcase all their Busselton, Dunsborough, Eagle Bay and Yallingup properties on the new Busselton real estate and property guide.

If you are a visitor to the new Busselton real estate guide you'll be able to search for Busselton property by price, location and many other choices.

There will be photos of Busselton properties and in many cases these properties will feature a virtual tour.

So if you need to know more about Busselton real estate and Busselton property take a look at Busselton Online.

Black Rock Falls, Kimberley

Black Rock Falls, Kimberley

Black Rock Falls in the Kimberley - a graceful veil of water cascades into a tranquil emerald pool, hidden within the ranges near Kununurra, to provide welcome relief from the unrelenting tropical heat. Black Rock Falls is one of the thousands of waterfalls that spill into the Kimberley's magnificent gorges throughout the wet season October to April.

To see more of the photography of David Bettini visit the upcoming Kununurra Online.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Rainstorm, Gascoyne

Rainstorm, Gascoyne

A precious thunderstorm transforms the Gascoyne's cracked landscape baked dry from months of relentless sunshine.

The wildlife inhabiting this environment take full advantage of such rare downpours, including the thousands of frenetic frogs that suddenly emerge from undergound hibernation to reproduce.

Their croaking chorus can be heard across the inundated landscape for many nights following the welcome rain.

This photo by David Bettini will feature in the upcoming Carnarvon Online and will be available for purchase from this website.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Lucky Bay WA

Lucky Bay WA

This photo of Lucky Bay is another stunning image from the David Bettini collection that will feature on all WA Online websites.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Kalamina Falls, Kimberley

Kalamina Falls, Kimberley

Kalamina Falls in the West Australian Kimberley region.

Another of the spectacular photos of David Bettini that will be a highlight of the upcoming Kimberley WA websites.

WA Online is about to launch the following Kimberley WA websites and will soon be looking for site administrators in the following areas -

David Bettini's "The Colours of Western Australia" which includes this shot of Kalamina Falls, will be available for purchase on these sites.

Carr Boyd Range, Kimberley

Carr Boyd Range, Kimberley

A spectacular shot of the Carr Boyd Range in WA's Kimberley.

This is one of the David Bettini photos that will feature on all WA Online websites. Soon you will be able to purchase David Bettini's photos and books on all WA Online websites.

Bunbury real estate

Bunbury real estate prices have soared 34% over the last 12 months making Bunbury real estate some of the hottest property in Australia.

Massive development and infrastructure projects in the area have placed a huge strain on the Bunbury property market sending prices, that were already rising steadily, skyrocketing.

People wishing to build new homes are often placed in a queue and asked to wait sometimes a year for construction to begin after signing contracts.

Bunbury real estate agents predict the market to continue to perform steadily with no flattening of the market for at l;east a couple of years.

Bunbury Orchid Show

Bunbury Orchid Show

The major prize winners at the Bunbury Orchid Show held at Bunbury Forum Shopping Centre.

The Bunbury Orchid Society will be featured in the new Bunbury Online due on 1 July 2005.

WA Online WARIS application

WA Online WARIS application

A photo of the significant grant application by WA Online to the Department of Local Government and Regional Development for WARIS or Western Australian Regional Initiatives Scheme.

Some sample information of the WA Online WARIS application is below.

Bunbury population growth

Bunbury population growth

Popular regional areas in WA are among the fastest growing population centres in Australia.

In the 8 years to 2004 the fastest growing centres in Australia are (in order of % growth) - Mandurah, Hervey Bay, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast - Tweed, Busselton, Yeppoon, Brisbane, Mt Barker, Cairns, Port Macquarie, Townsville, Coffs Harbour, Gladstone, Forster, Narooma, Nowra, Toowoomba, Mackay, Bendigo and Bunbury.

So of the top 20 fastest growing areas in Australia, WA can lay claim to 4 of these - Mandurah, Busselton, Mt Barker and Bunbury.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

WARIS grant application

This week WA Online submitted its WARIS - Western Australian Regional Initiatives Scheme - grant application to assist with the staffing of site administrators within regional Western Australia.

Some of the supporting statememts for the WARIS application are attached.

WARIS Western Australian Regional Initiatives Scheme
The real winners from the uptake of the Internet in regional Australia will be those that maximise the opportunities that e-commerce and the Internet can deliver. The losers will be those communities who passively adopt the technology without harnessing it to assist their communities to grow.

– From “The Internet and Regional Australia: How rural communities can address the impact of the Internet”; Rosie Simpson and Andrew Hunter, a report for the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation

This closing paragraph to Rosie Simpson and Andrew Hunter’s report epitomises the rationale behind how WA Online came to be.

A veteran of e-commerce and online marketing, WA Online founder Keith Palmer identified a deficiency in the information available online for WA towns and the absence of tools that might redress the drain of social and economic infrastructure in regional areas.

Many years earlier he was the instigator of a Bunbury information and tourism portal that eventually grew into a region-based portal. However, this and other portals, whilst fulfilling community, training and support needs failed to provide substantial or professional-level online tools that might assist a community in the following ways –

1. Provide local information for local people including news, local events, education, local polling and discussion forums. Traditional media is increasingly regionalised, nationalised and internationalised and slowly local communities are losing their voice and their platforms to discuss and be informed about local issues.

2. Provide a pivotal source of information on and for this community. All too often information is either incomplete or fragmented across multiple sources, buried within larger regional or national archives and not marketed correctly or effectively so it can be readily found and accessed via internet search engines.

3. Provide world-class e-commerce modules and tools that genuinely redress the infrastructure and people drain in small and often remote communities. These tools collectively should allow anyone in the world to effectively and widely research the community and its benefits. Further this person should also be able to physically travel to the area, secure accommodation, local transport, meals, purchase products, and if they wish migrate, purchase property retire or set up a business in this area – and it is crucial that all such services be available in a single location. All too often there have been random attempts to provide parts of an overall package but these have been specified by people with little background in e-commerce activity and coded by programmers without the relevant experience or expertise resulting in a “clunky” partial solution to what otherwise was a good idea.

At this stage Mr Palmer began speaking with people in his own local regional community as to what services and facilities they’d like to see in one community internet presence upon which the WA Online catchphrase – “Building information bridges for Western Australian communities” was coined.

The concept of an information bridge metaphor to describe the WA Online Project came from the real bridge that such a service would provide between a local community, no matter how isolated, and the rest of the world.

… and an information bridge, like a traditional bridge would have 2 sides.

On one side of the bridge there is entry for local people wishing to communicate within their community and be continually informed and updated with issues and local information and resources that affect their daily lives. The other side of the bridge allows simple and efficient access, by those elsewhere in Australia (or the world), to the particular town.

Whilst designing a framework to deliver on this promise Mr Palmer began a search both in Australia and internationally for the programming talent required to deliver a world-class package of online information and e-commerce tools and resources.

Eventually Mr Palmer selected a small programming and design team based in regional NSW and paid for a mini-site to be be coded and launched. Bunbury Online was born in October 2004 as primarily a demonstration site for elements of the online resources and tools that would be developed by the middle of 2005 and would be launched in Busselton Online.

After the launch of Bunbury Online, Mr Palmer sought local WA investors to assist in funding the coding and launch of Busselton Online and then 25 other initial sites across Western Australia and a further 2 sites in the Northern Territory. This funding also allowed for a 25% equity purchase in all the Intellectual Property involved in the coding of these sites, a 49% purchase of the sales and deployment of similar sites across the rest of Australia and possibly internationally, plus an 8% stake in a national travel agent business that would be used to partner and provide tourist-related call centres and services Australia-wide.

Currently there is a team of around 20 people working on rolling out Busselton Online and the subsequent other WA Online sites, several of whom work full-time in building search engine marketing technologies with the aim of WA Online sites dominating all internet searches affecting terms associated with WA towns.

In planning in partnership for a sustainable future, WA Online facilitates communities to achieve improved economic development by providing state of the art web services. Local communities can now be more “visible” in the virtual world.

The introduction of e-commerce facilities allows small business to access the best services at the least cost. People wishing to relocate can get more information from WA Online than anywhere else. Members of the local community can update information without having to engage the services of others.

The many components that make up a WA Online site have been identified and included as a result of a feedback process. Once deployed, this process begins over, in that modules are perpetually modified and redeveloped based on need and feedback. At this stage new information and e-commerce modules and tools will be developed as a result of local community feedback. Additionally each site is built to promote and discuss regional issues and opportunities and will be administered by a local person within the community. This person will effectively become the local “journalist” providing a real interface between the technology WA Online deploys and the local people and their community.

The Town Online website provides a regional community (including Indigenous communities) with a tangible means to plan and manage their futures.

In helping to develop skilled communities, WA Online allows local communities to be actively involved in portraying all aspects of their community. Additionally, the purpose of this application is to enable local community members to be employed and trained to assist and support local communities in taking full advantage of the various modules of each site. Directly then, WA Online will contribute to the skill level of the local community.

For example the local website will provide, in addition to modules designed to increase the economic wealth of the community, such items as polling of local issues, local news feeds, an updated calendar of events, photo gallery and other pertinent local information with the aim of improving access to, and particaption in, arts and cultural activities, physical activity, sporting activities and recreational events. The activities and issues of each town will not be hidden amongst those of the wider region or ignored in an increasingly regionalised, nationalised or internationalised traditional media, but will be continually updated and maintained by people living within this community.

The websites will also bring together the various medical services and resources available in a particular area so that local people can choose the appropriate service to contact rather than being bounced around a range of offices or services. These pages would show photos of the various staff so that potential users of these services would recognise a person on attending the service in person. (This request came from an Aboriginal community with the aim to break down some of the barriers that occur for Aboriginal users of the medical system.)

Beyond the initial rollout towns WA Online hopes to deploy equivalent sites to smaller towns on a contract basis. Typically this would be done with a business or community group who would be assisted with access to business guidance and training, whether they be a start-up or established business.

In improving regional infrastructure, WA Online facilitates the development of the virtual infrastructure of the state. Local people can easily locate information directly relevant to their daily lives and are able to share with and showcase to a worldwide audience the positive aspects of their lives and community.

WA Online allows even small and medium sized businesses to access world’s-best in internet search technologies as well as a raft of online e-commerce tools and modules that would normally be out of a community or individual business or organisation’s reach.

In assisting in diversifying regional economies, WA Online provides a bevy of online tools aimed solely at bringing incremental revenue to both an individual business and community, no matter how remote or isolated they might be. The project enables the effective global marketing of tourism potential, property and other economic or social benefits of the area. The WA Online project empowers niche markets (for example a wine produced from grapes grown in a “desert” region) and every single community group will be able to have a significant web presence, with the ability to continually grow, update and inform, at little or no cost.
Such groups as schools, sports clubs, arts organisations, volunteer groups can all be “visible” and found in one place.

In the draft State Communications Policy: “WA – A Connected Community”, we see that “the ability of individuals and organisations to access, process and communicate information is essential for economic growth, business activity and job creation.

The communications network is a critical factor in providing access to resources, markets and trade opportunities, including the rapidly developing opportunities of electronic commerce. It also represents a significant competitive advantage that affects the capacity of existing businesses to grow and the ability of the State to attract new industries, businesses and professionals as the traditional barriers of geographic distance and low-density population are significantly reduced or eliminated.

In this regard, access to advanced communications services, facilities and infrastructure is as important to the ongoing development of Western Australia as other infrastructure requirements, such as water, electricity, gas, roads, rail and ports.”

As mentioned elsewhere in this document, many of the design features included are mindful or are at the request of the Aboriginal community and their culture. A completely separate project is to build Aboriginal owned and run e-commerce stores, promoting ethical purchases of Aboriginal products (especially art) which provide training and jobs for local artists, administrators and other workers in the e-commerce business and 100% of revenue being returned to the Aboriginal community.

In enhancing regional investment, WA Online will encourage local purchasing. By providing extensive information about moving a business to each community or retiring or moving to this community will also directly encourage investment. Individual communities can promote themselves as attractive places to live and work as well as showcasing the range of recreational and social opportunities available.

WA Online also assists in ensuring fair pricing for regional residents and businesses in that the internet helps break down these barriers, and WA Online is committed to supporting regional Australia because we live here. In that local businesses will now be able to cheaply market their product on the internet and be present in one, easy-to-find location will also assist local people in shopping locally. Additionally we also include information such as Fuel Watch on our websites.

WA Online helps to address the issue of life long learning at a local level. All educational services will be profiled on each web site, as well as services such as libraries, education services and other resources.

The WA Online Projects directly assists in enhancing the quality of regional lifestyles with every local organization being profiled on the local website. Additionally each group would have a mini-site set up so they can freely and continuously build and update their information, advertise their functions and communicate with the local community.

The Project also aids in effective health service delivery in locating all services and resources in one central, easy to locate online repository. This project removes the need to search by phone, over the internet or in person for information on such services.

Further, the draft State Communications Policy: “WA – A Connected Community” highlights the desire that all West Australians should have access to affordable, functional, reliable and secure communications infrastructure and services regardless of location, income or disability and increasing the use of communications technology to deliver government services more effectively to individuals, business and the community.

Indeed the policy document’s vision statement reads –
Western Australians will have access to functional and affordable communications services, allowing them to fully participate in the opportunities available.

In summary, the local WA Online information and e-commerce websites can be a major factor in providing the “glue” in providing a cohesive local community.

The findings of the Kimberley Development Commission Annual Report 30 June 2004: Regional Development Activities 2003/2004 – Better Planning: Better Services, provide further substantiation of the need of a project such as that being pursued by WA Online as does Gail Short’s report on The Western Australia Telecentre Network.

Studies or projects that further demonstrate the priority of this project are –

Project Code Project Name Proponent Description
WA1997/12 Esperance Community College Project Esperance Community College Steering Committee (Inc.) A Wide Area Network was built and a Point of Presence established that enabled the flexible delivery of education and training and Internet access as a part of a larger Esperance Community College project for Esperance, Ravensthorpe, and Dundas (Norseman) Shires.
WA1997/26 Electronic Commerce in the Peel Region Peel Development Commisssion The project provided for the development of the Peel eMarketplace and Peel eCommunity web sites to form the foundation for a single point of contact for online services and information for the region, including an education and awareness raising program.
WA1998/32 TeleYOUTH WA Department of Local Government and Regional Development The project used telecommunications to meet identified needs of rural youth and helped overcome remoteness in four Telecentres - Denmark, Walpole, Augusta and Katanning.
WA1998/35 Business Incubator for Wheatbelt Western Australia Wheatbelt Area Consultative Committee Establish a business incubator for the Wheatbelt area.
WA1998/36 TeleSENIOR WA Department Local Government and Regional Development Introduce seniors and retired people living in rural and remote locations to new opportunities available through the use of the Internet and email, through Telecentres at Greenbushes, Nannup, Narembeen, Ravensthorpe, Darkan, York and Wongan Hills.
WA1999/77 Telecentre Access Points WA Department of Local Government and Regional Development Provide stand alone Internet connected coin operated units to some 75 communities of less than 200 people, hitherto unserved by the West Australian Telecentres Network, to improve access to online transactions, information and services, and education and training.
WA2000/132 Community Access to the Information Age Western Australian Municipal Association To provide public access to the Internet, online services and information in selected regional libraries.
WA2000/134 Goldfields-Esperance Regional Internet/E-commerce Portal (WA) Kalgoorlie-Boulder Chamber of Commerce & Industry Inc. To create an electronic portal/interactive community website for the Goldfields-Esperance Region of South-East Western Australia.
WA2000/138 Linking Councils and Communities Western Australian Local Government Association To enhance and enable delivery of online local government and associated community services.
WA2000/97 Wired Wide West Project (for Mid West WA) Mid West Development Commission To establish an interactive and viable community e-commerce portal/website for the Mid West Region of Western Australia, including a Business and Marketing Plan and associated training in the use of online services.
WA2001/145 Albany GateWAy: E-GateWAy The next phase Albany GateWAy Cooperative Ltd To provide an online presence and e-commerce for the Albany GateWAy including training and associated assistance for the community and businesses in the Great Southern Region.
WA2001/146 Denmark Telecentre Training Project Denmark Telecentre Inc To provide training for IT and Internet support services for the Shire of Denmark located in the Great Southern region.
WA2001/150 mysouthweSt internet portal The Bunbury Chamber of Commerce & Industries Inc To build the 'mysouthwest' portal with e-commerce functions, and including training and assistance for business and the community.

WARIS Western Australian Regional Initiatives Scheme

Western Australia

If you are chasing an exhaustive list of WA town names here's an update. I think we've now got every WA town in existance.

Here's a list of WA towns categorised in alphabetical order -

Abbotts, Agnew, Ajana, Albany, Aldersyde, Allanson, Amery, Amphion, Ardath, Armadale, Arrino, Arthur River, Arumvale, Attadale, Augusta, Australind,

Baandee, Babakin, Baddera, Badgebup, Badjaling, Bakers Hill, Baladjie, Balbarrup, Balgarri, Balgo, Balgo Hill, Balingup, Balkuling, Ballaying, Ballidu, Bally Bally, Bamboo, Bamboo Creek, Bamboo Mining Centre, Bangemall, Bangemall Mining Centre, Banksiadale, Bannister North, Barbalin, Barberton, Bardoc, Barrambie, Barronhurst, Bartons Mill, Bassendean, Beacon, Bedfordale, Beechina, Beelerup, Beenong, Beermullah, Beete, Bejoording, Belka, Bellevue, Belmunging, Bencubbin, Bendering, Bendering West, Benger, Benjinup, Bentley, Berakin, Beraking, Berkshire Valley, Beverley, Bickley, Bicton, Big Bell, Billaricay, Bindi Bindi, Binningup, Binnu, Black Flag, Blue Spec, Bodallin, Boddalin, Boddington, Bokal, Bolgart, Bonnie Rock, Bonnie Vale, Boodarockin, Boogardie, Boondi, Booraan, Boorabbin, Boorara, Bootenal, Borden, Bornholm, Boscabel, Botherling, Boulder, Boundain, Bowelling, Bowes, Bowgada, Boya, Boyanup, Boyup Brook, Bramley, Bridgetown, Bringo, Broad Arrow, Bromus, Brookdale, Brookton, Broome, Broomehill, Brown Hill, Bruce Rock, Brunswick Junction, Buckingham, Buckinghams Mill, Bulading, Bullabulling, Bullaring, Bullfinch, Bullsbrook, Bulong, Bulyee, Bunbury, Bundera Bundera, Bungulluping, Buniche, Bunjil, Bunketch, Buntine, Burabadji, Burakin, Burbanks, Burbidge, Burekup, Burges, Burngup, Burracoppin, Burran Rock, Burtville, Busselton, Byford

Cadoux, Caitup, Calcarra, Calingiri, Campion, Cancanning, Canna, Cannington, Capel, Capercup, Carani, Carbarup, Carbine, Carbunup, Cardup, Carilla, Carinyah, Carlecatup, Carmel, Carnage, Carnamah, Carnarvon, Caroling, Caron, Carrabin, Carrolup, Cartacup, Cartmeticup, Caversham, Celebration, Cervantes, Chadoora, Chedaring, Cheritons Find, Cherry Tree Pool, Chillilup, Chinocup, Chinokup, Chittering, Chorkerup, Chowerup, Circle Valley, Clackline, Clampton, Claremont, Cleary, Coates, Collanilling, Collgar, Collie, Collie Burn, Collie Cardiff, Comet, Comet Vale, Condon, Congelin, Contine, Coogee, Cooglegong, Cookernup, Coolboogin, Coolgardie, Coolimba, Coolup, Coomberdale, Coonana, Coondle, Coorow, Cordering, Corinthian, Corrigin, Cosmo Newberry, Cosmo Newbery, Cossack, Cottesloe, Courtlea, Cowaramup, Cowcowing, Cowerdup, Cramphorne, Crampthorne, Cranbrook, Cranbrook, Crawley-Nedlands, Crossman, Cuballing, Cuddingwarra, Cue, Culbin, Culham, Cunderdin, Cunderdin North, Cunjardine, Curara, Cuthbert

Daadenning Creek, Dale Bridge, Dalkeith, Dalton, Dalton Mining Centre, Dalwallinu, Damboring, Dampier, Dandaragan, Dandarragan, Dangin, Daniell, Dardadine, Dardanup, Darkan, Darkin, Darlington, Datatine, Daveyhurst, Davyhurst, Day Dawn, Deanmill, Deeside, Deeside Homestead, Denham, Denison, Denmark, Derby, Desmond, Devan Find Mining Centre, Devans Find, Devans Find Mining Centre, Dewars Pool, Dindiloa, Dinninup, Doconing, Dongara, Dongarra, Dongolocking, Donnybrook, Doodenanning, Doodlakine, Doombup, Dornock, Dowak, Dowerin, Drummond Cove, Dryandra, Dudawa, Dudinin, Duggan, Dukin, Dulbelling, Dumbleyung, Dundas, Dunnsville, Dunsborough, Dunsborough, Duranillin, Duranilling, Duri, Dwarda, Dwellingup

East Arthur, East Beverley, Eastbrook, Eastern Creek, Eastern Creek Mining Centre, East Fremantle, East Kirup Mill, East Knodut, East Popanyinning, East Wickepin, East Witchcliffe, Eaton, Ejanding, Elabbin, Elleker, Elphin, Emu Hill, Emu Point, Esperance, Eucla, Eucla Telegraph Office, Eujinyn, Eundyne, Eundynie, Ewlyamartup, Exmouth, Eyre, Falcondale, Field Finds, Fields Find, Fitzroy, Fitzroy Crossing, Flat Rocks, Flinders Bay, Forest Grove, Formby, Forrest, Frankland, Fremantle, Gabalong, Gabanintha, Gabbin, Galena, Garden Gully, Garratt, Gascoyne Junction, Geeralying, Geraldton, Ghooli, Gibson, Gilgai, Gilgering, Gillingarra, Gingin, Gladstone, Glen Iris, Glenlynn, Gnarming, Gnowangerup, Gnows Nest, Goldsworthy, Goodia, Goomalling, Goomarin, Goongarrie, Gooseberry Hill, Gorge Rock, Gosnells, Graball, Gramphorne, Grants Patch, Grasmere, Grassmere, Grass Patch, Grass Valley, Greenbushes, Green Head, Greenhills, Greenmount, Greenough, Greylands, Gudarra, Guilderton, Guildford, Gunyidi, Gutha, Gwambygine

Haig, Hakea, Halls Creek, Hamel, Hamelin Bay, Hamersley, Harewood, Harrismith, Harvey, Haynesdale, Hedges, Herne Hill, Hester, Higginsville, Highbury, Hines Hill, Hoddy Well, Hoffmans Mill, Holdens Find, Holleton, Holly, Holt Rock, Holyoake, Hopes Hill, Hopetoun, Hopetown, Horrocks, Horse Shoe, Hotham, Hovea, Howatharra, Huntly, Hutt, Hyden

Illawong, Inglehope, Irwin, Isseka, Ives, Ives Find

Jacobs Well, Jacup, Jaloran, Jardee, Jarrahdale, Jarrahwood, Jaurdi, Jennaberring, Jennacubbine, Jennapullin, Jilakin, Jimblebar, Jimble Bar Mining Centre, Jingalup, Jingymia, Jitarning, Juendine, Jura, Juradine, Jurien, Kalannie, Kalbarri, Kalgan, Kalgoorlie, Kalguddering, Kambalda, Kanowna, Karlgarin, Karnilbinia, Karnup, Karonie, Karping, Karragullen, Karranadgin, Karranadjin, Karridale, Katanning, Keane, Kebaringup, Kellandi, Kellerberrin, Kelmscott, Kendenup, Kennyville, Kentdale, Kent River, Kenwick, Key Farm, Keysbrook, King River, Kings Find, Kintore, Kirup, Kirwan, Kitchener, Kodj Kodjin, Kojarena, Kojonup, Kokardine, Kondinin, Kondut, Kondut East, Konnongorring, Koojan, Koojedda, Kookynie, Koolanooka, Koomberkine, Koonadgin, Koorarawalyee, Koorda, Korbel, Korraling, Korrelocking, Kronkup, Kudardup, Kuender, Kukerin, Kuliba, Kulikup, Kulin, Kulja, Kumarina, Kumarina Mining Centre, Kumarl, Kunanalling, Kundana, Kundip, Kunjin, Kununurra, Kuringup, Kurnalpi, Kurrawang, Kurrenkutten, Kweda, Kwobrup, Kwolyin, Kybelup, Kybulup

Lake Biddy, Lake Brown, Lake Camm, Lake Grace, Lake King, Lake Varley, Lakewood, Lalla Rookh, Lalla Rookh Mining Centre, Lancelin, Lancing, Larkinville, Latham, Laurier, Laverton, Lawlers, Lawnswood, Learmonth, Leeman, Lennonville, Leonora, Lilliginni, Linden, Lionel, Lloyd Crossing, Logans Find, Lomos, Londonderry, Loongana, Lowden, Lower Chittering, Lower Chittertering, Lower King, Ludlow, Lumeah, Lyons Camp

Mackies Crossing, Maddington, Mahogany Creek, Mainland, Mainnerup, Malcolm, Malyalling, Mambenup, Mandiga, Mandurah, Manjimup, Manmanning, Manning, Manxman, Manypeaks, Marbellup, Marbelup, Marble Bar, Marchagee, Marda, Mardella, Margaret River, Marindo, Marks, Marracoonda, Marradong, Marrinup, Marvel Loch, Marvel Lock, Maya, Mayanup, Maylands, McPhees Patch, McPhees Patch Mining Centre, Meckering, Medina, Meekatharra, Meelon, Meenar, Melville, Menzies, Merilup, Merredin, Metricup, Metzke Find, Middle Creek, Middle Creek Mining Centre, Middle Swan, Midland Junction, Miling, Millendon, Mingenew, Minniging, Minnivale, Mobrup, Mobrup Homestead, Mogumber, Mollerin, Monkey Mia, Mooliabeenee, Mooliabeenie, Moolyella, Moolyella Tin Field, Moondon, Moonies Hill, Moonijin, Moonyoonooka, Moora, Moorine Rock, Moornaming, Mooterdine, Morawa, Morbinning, Morgans, Mornington Mills, Morowa, Mortigallup, Mosman Park, Mosquito Creek, Mosquito Creek Mining Centre, Moulyinning, Mounena, Mount Barker, Mount Hardey, Mount Helena, Mount Ida, Mount Kokeby, Mount Madden, Mount Magnet, Mount Morgans, Mount Newman, Mount Palmer, Muchea, Mudiarrup, Mukinbudin, Mulgarrie, Mullalloo Beach, Mullalyup, Mullewa, Mummballup, Mundaring, Mundaring Weir, Mundawindi, Mundijong, Mundiwindi, Muntadgin, Muradup, Muresk, Murrin Murrin

Nabawa, Namban, Nambling, Nanamoolan, Nanga Brook, Nangeenan, Nannine, Nannup, Nannup Mill, Nanson, Napier, Naraling, Narembeen, Naretha, Narngulu, Narra Tarra, Narrikup, Narrogin, Nedlands, Nedlands, Needilup, Neendaling, Netherwood, Nevoria, Newdegate, Newdgate, Newlands, Newman, New Norcia, Nippering, Noggerup, Nokaning, Nolba, Nomans Lake, Noongaar, Noongar, Nornakin, Nornalup, Norpa, Norseman, Northam, Northampton, North Banister, North Bannister, North Beach, Northcliffe, North Cunderdin, North Dandalup, Northern Gully, North Fremantle, North Karlgarin, North Kellerberrin, North Kununoppin, North Lake Grace, North Pole, North Pole Mining Centre, North Shaw, North Shaw Mining Centre, North Walgoolan, Notting, Nugadong, Nukarni, Nullagine, Nulla Nulla, Nungarin, Nunngarra, Nunyle, Nunyle Hall, Nyabing, Nyannia

Oakabella, Oak Park, O'Connor, Ogilvie, Old Napier Downs, Ongerup, Onslow, Ora Banda

Paddington, Palgarup, Parker Range, Parkers Range, Parkerville, Paroo, Parryville, Paynes Find, Peak Hill, Pearce, Pederah, Pemberton, Peppermint Grove, Perenjori, Perilya, Perth, Perth City, Piawaning, Pickering Brook, Picton, Picton Junction, Piesseville, Pilbara, Pilbara Mining Centre, Pindalup, Pindar, Pingaring, Pingelly, Pingrup, Pinjarra, Pintharuka, Pioneer, Pithara, Point Samson, Popanyinning, Popes Landing, Porongorup, Porongorups, Porongurup, Porongurups, Portagabra, Port Denison, Port Hedland, Princess Royal

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Friday, May 20, 2005

Vasse, near Busselton

Vasse, near Busselton

A sketch of the Vasse Newtown development currently underway near Busselton.

Vasse was the original settlement site for Busselton but in recent years has been only a sleepy village.

The Vasse Newtown scheme is a major new residential development with shopping and commercial and education precincts and blocks are in heavy demand.

The latest news is that the Shire of Busselton is looking to shift their entire operation from the Busselton town centre to the new Vasse Newtown development.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Bunbury storm (17)

Bunbury storm

There was massive damage throughout Bunbury today as a result of the storm that hit the city at 6.10am today.

This series gives just an example of the damage with trees uprooted, powerlines felled and buildings demolished. The replacement cost is sure to run into many millions of dollars.

The worst affected areas seemed to be from the central business area through Spencer Street and along Blair Street through to Picton.

Bunbury storm (16)

Bunbury storm

Bunbury storm (15)

Bunbury storm

Bunbury storm (14)

Bunbury storm

Bunbury storm (13)

Bunbury storm

Bunbury storm (12)

Bunbury storm

Bunbury storm (11)

Bunbury storm

Bunbury storm (10)

Bunbury storm

Bunbury storm (9)

Bunbury storm

Bunbury storm (8)

Bunbury storm

Bunbury storm (7)

Bunbury storm

Bunbury storm (6)

Bunbury storm

Bunbury storm (5)

Bunbury storm