Monday, February 28, 2005

Luke Palmer - Busselton

Luke Palmer - Busselton

Luke Palmer swimming in the waters of Busselton, where his great-great grandparents were pioneer farmers.

Meelup Beach, Dunsborough - Busselton

Meelup Beach, Dunsborough - Busselton

The crystal clear waters of Meelup Beach - one of Western Australia's favourite swimming spots. A long white sand beach is bordered on each side by a rocky outcrop extending into the ocean.

The shallow, sparkling waters make it a favourite spot for families and behind the beach proper are grassed areas and a host of shadey trees.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Western Australian Election Result - 2005

The likely result of the 2005 WA Election is that Labor will hold 32
seats and the Liberal/National coalition 23 and the remaining 2 seats
held by Independents and therefore returning the Gallop Labor
government for a second term.

In Bunbury the tussle between sitting Labor member Tony Dean and
Bunbury mayor John Castrilli is still neck and neck and may not be
decided for several days.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Bunbury real estate agent

The list of Bunbury real estate agents is as follows -

DAD Realty, Summit Realty, Gard and Associates, Ray White Real Estat,
SAS Realty, Just Property Management, Realty Executives, Bunbury,
Advance Realty Century 21, Raine & Horne Real Estate Bunbury, Elders
Real Estate Bunbury, Donnybrook First National Real Estate, Southern
Districts The Professionals Bunbury, The Professionals Bunbury -
Southern Districts Estate Agency, Barr and Standley Real Estate
Bunbury, Bunbury Land and Estate Agency, Commercial Realty Bunbury,
South West Property Solutions, Teede Realty Bunbury, VNW Independent
Donnybrook Real Estate, Bunbury real estate agent ..... Bunbury

Western Australian state election 2005

Today is voting day in Western Australia to elect a new state

Polling looks to be very tight and we'll publish the result, as soon as
it is known, tonight.

This morning on the Bunbury Online website poll, there's a massive
swing to current Bunbury City Council mayor John Castrilli with 45% of
all poll votes cast. Sitting member Tony Dean has only polled 18% of
the vote and is on almost equal terms with a number of independents and
minor party candidates. The seat of Bunbury is crucial to the Labor
Party maintaining government but on the results of the Bunbury Online
poll there will be a massive swing to the Liberal Party.

Gary Lee or YankBloke

Gary Lee or YankBloke

Gary Lee and Kristy Miller of Sunnyvale California joined WA Online founder Keith Palmer, family and WA Online shareholders Mike & Lesley Tunnecliffe in Singapore and Batam for the start of 2005.

Many people remember Gary for his time as CEO of Cutting Edge Technologies (Australia) Pty Ltd so here's the world's best ever photo of Gary, waiting patiently at Tanah Merah ferry terminal Singapore for the trip to Batam where Gary was impressed by Lucy's Oarhouse.

Indian Ocean - Bunbury beach

Indian Ocean - Bunbury beach

It is quite common to have a Bunbury beach to yourself and pretty much you can walk for miles along a sandy-white beach.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Bunbury Clay Target Club

The Bunbury Clay Target Club is located on South West Highway (Highway 1) just west of the Bunbury Airfield next to the Commercial Business Estate.

It is equipped with three Trap and Skeet Layouts using automatic target throwers, a Clubhouse, Toilets and showers, and a small camping area with powered sites for use by other visiting competitiors on weekend competitions.

The club has just completed it's 35th year of competition, and the major event on the calendar is the "Blue Manna Carnival" which runs over a two day program during the first weekend in March each year.

The club regularly conducts events each fortnight for competitors and welcome visitor and new members as well as members of other clubs. Bunbury is part of the South West Zone or Zone 6 for Western Australia.

The Club is affiliated with both the WA Clay Target Association and the parent body The Australian Clay Target Association and carried indemnity for all sanctioned events and members of the association.

Current membership fees include all costs of membership to the club,statebody, and the national assosciation. A nomination fee of $50 is payable on application for membership, and upon acceptance the membership fee of $150 is payable.

All firearms licence inquiries should be directed to the Firearms Officer at Bunbury Police Station.

The current Officers of the club for 2005 are: Abe Teune, Club President. Ross Silvester, Vice President. June Roach, Secretary. Bruce Whiteaker, Treasurer. For contact numbers ring Department of Sport and Recreation Bunbury.

Perth Theatre Company

Natalie Jenkins from the Perth Theatre Company will be adding content to this site shortly.

Roundabout sculptures - Bunbury Western Australia

Roundabout sculptures

These are the rather large stainless steel sculptures that welcome people to the entrance of the Bunbury CBD area. The sculptures are located on the roundabout.

Having just passed the Dolphin Discovery Centre and Koombana Bay, here you have the choice of turning left to the Bunbury Entertainment Centre and Centrepoint Shopping Centre; continuing onwards to the Cappucino Strip and the Indian Ocean or turning right to the Marlston Hill waterfront and the Bunbury port.

Margaret River, Western Australia

The Margaret River Online website is expected to be live in June-July
this year.

The Margaret River site will be modeled on Busselton Online and will
have a live Margaret River accommodation booking service, restaurant
reservations and menu selection, hire car bookings, tours and
destinations bookings online and domestic and international flights.
Additionally there will be features on shifting or retiring to Margaret
River, shifting your business to Margaret River, local schools,
churches, businesses and sporting clubs, weather and a full Margaret
River real estate guide .... all online.

Margaret River Online

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Bunkers Bay Resort, Busselton - Dunsborough area

Bunkers Bay Resort, Busselton - Dunsborough area

A view through some of the villas at the Bunkers Bay Resort.

The villas run across and down the hillside towards the bay and the pool, restaurant and reception areas are to the right of this shot.

Busselton Online will soon feature full details on the Bunkers Bay Resort and allow you to book this and other Busselton accommodation online.

Bunkers Bay, Busselton - Dunsborough area

Bunkers Bay, Busselton - Dunsborough area

A shot of Bunkers Bay looking towards the Cape. On the other side of the point is a larger bay where the Bunkers Bay Resort is located.

Landcorp Bunbury outer harbour redevelopment - alternative proposal

Landcorp Bunbury outer harbour redevelopment - alternative proposal

This is the alternative proposal for the Bunbury outer harbour development being proposed by Griffin Coal consultant Clive Pearson.

Landcorp Bunbury outer harbour redevelopment - submission

Landcorp Bunbury outer harbour redevelopment (more)

The following is Keith Palmer's short submission to Landcorp on the proposed Bunbury outer harbour redevelopment plan.

Landcorp has an internet submissions page but after several attemps it is my experience that the submitting engine produces an error 100% of the time. Therefore phone 1300 730 594 or email to submit your thoughts.

Whilst I support the redevelopment of the Bunbury outer harbour the plan put forward by Landcorp seems rash and ill-conceived.

To me the plan being proposed displays all the hallmarks of a rushed design that has been motivated by factors other than producing an optimal project for Bunbury and its people.

Already the Jetty Baths beach is muddy and poluted from a combination of industry and restricted flushing. The Landcorp plan will further restrict the natural flushing of this beach and will directly contribute to this potentially pristine, public beach being a mud and slush pool.

Rather than return the area more to its natural state the Landcorp proposal aims to constrict and bottle up the waterway and boating passages around the development. It seems illogical that a concept plan should work against nature and history.

To me the Landcorp plan aims to produce maximum revenue for the agency with little regard to natural, historical and ecological factors. There have been no alternatives suggested nor have any been sought and the Bunbury City Council and Bunbury Port Authority have been locked out of the planning due to political considerations.

That a plan that has been clearly expediently produced should be the sole development plan for comment is both short sighted and insulting to the people of Bunbury and the future they deserve.

Footnote: It is further disappointing that the Landcorp feedback page produces errors and fails to submit people's feedback on this matter. Once again this indicates a lack of planning and ill-conceived and poorly maintained systems and implementation.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Bunbury Council & high rise development

Courtesy Bunbury Herald:

According to the City of Bunbury, it should be the Bunbury City Council
and not the Western Australian government that controls high rise
development along the Bunbury coastline.

Bunbury City Council development executive Tony Brun said it was
dangerous enforcing blanket approaches to building heights. "Planning
should be about the best needs for a community. It is dangerous to
become prescriptive about planning on a statewide basis."

The issue is in the news because of a proposal by Valeque to build a
six storey residential development on Koombana Drive and has been
fueled by opposing political parties.

Bunbury outer harbour redevelopment concept

Bunbury harbour update

Bunbury harbour update

Bunbury harbour update

The images above show the Bunbury outer harbour prior to the Marlston Hill development and then an artist's impression of the outer harbour redevelopment plan.

Last week Bunbury mayor and Western Australian government aspirant John Castrilli said that he could not promise that a Liberal government, if elected, would continue with the harbour redevelopment plan. This week the coalition parties have confirmed they will support the planned redevelopment.

Bunbury Spycam

The South West Development Commission has made a grant available to the Bunbury police to expand their surveillance via CCTV of the Bunbury city areas.

These camera views are not available to the public but there is a live, public Bunbury webcam at Bunbury Online.

Grand Canals housing - Bunbury

Grand Canals housing - Bunbury

The Grand Canals is one of the newer residential developments in Bunbury. As the name would imply much of the development is based around several canals - nothing on the scale of those in Mandurah - and there are typically double storey executive homes in the area. Along with Marlston Hill, the Grand Canals have become one of Bunbury's premium real estate areas.

The canals open onto the Collie River, opposite the Eaton foreshore and adjacent to the Collie River bridge. For more information on the Grand Canals and Bunbury real estate please see the Bunbury Real Estate and Bunbury property guide at Bunbury Online.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Busselton accommodation online

The Busselton Online website is due to launch in March 2005.

Apart from containing the Busselton Real estate & Property Guide, Busselton Online will feature an expanded business directory and will play host to a raft of new online Busselton tourism tools.

The flagship of the Busselton tourist modules will be a live Busselton accommodation booking system where you'll be able to book your Busselton accommodation a year in advance. There'll also be a last minute Busselton accommodation section similar to national sites like Wotif.

Additionally you'll be able to make a reservation at your favourite Busselton restaurant and then .... choose from the menu - an absolute bonus for busy business diners.

Busselton tours and other detinations will also be online so if you'd like to book your Busselton tour in advance, the online booking system will handle your booking. While you are there you can book a hire car and even your flight.

You'll find out about moving to Busselton, retiring in Busselton or even moving your existing or setting up your new business in Busselton. There'll be information on schools, on health services, churches, volunteer organisations and much, much more.

All coming soon at Busselton Online

A note to Bunbury real estate agents

Bunbury Online has further entrenched its domination of internet searches for Bunbury real estate and properties.

Here's an update BUT before you peek at our results do you know where your site is in the rankings??????

When you see the extent to which we now dominate Bunbury real estate on the internet you'll understand why your site has gone through the floor. In fact in all the listings below there are a total 90 places and Bunbury Online occupies 57 places (or 63.3%) - that's only 33 places for everyone else. Plus Bunbury Online is Number 1 and 2 (at least) for EVERY single search on every one of major search engines.

The good news is that within a month we predict that we'll occupy over 75% of any search on a major search engine for Bunbury real estate - we've spent countless hours on search engine marketing and we are getting serious results.

Bunbury property:
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Bunbury real estate:
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Bunbury real estate agents:
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Birds on the Leschenault Estuary, Bunbury - Australind

Birds on the Leschenault Estuary, Bunbury - Australind

The Leschenault Estuary runs from Bunbury to the north of Australind and is the a great place for Bunbury residents and visitors to relaz with water sports such as parasailing, waveboarding, crabbing or swimming.

Bunbury timber jetty

The City of Bunbury has decided to release $419,000 to the Bunbury
Timber Jetty Environment and Conservation Society.

The funds will be used to demolish a section of the jetty and the
society has requested that the Western Australian government through
Landcorp will fully rebuild the timber jetty as part of the Bunbury
Outer Harbour Redevelopment.

It is not yet known whether a Liberal government would proceed with the
outer harbour development.

The Western Australian government elections will be held this Saturday
26 February and the seat of Bunbury will be crucial to deciding the

Bunbury search engine domination

The Bunbury Online website continues to dominatemajor search engines and now both Yahoo and Alta Vista Australia are both dominated by Bunbury Online and other WA Online websites in key search terms.

Search results are as follows -

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Monday, February 21, 2005

Bunbury Outer Harbour Redevelopment

According to the South West Times newspaper, the future redevelopment
of the Bunbury outer harbour is in doubt if the seat of Bunbury was
won by Liberal candidate and City of Bunbury mayor, John Castrilli.

The Bunbury outer harbour pictured below, is due to have its
traditional port facilities replaced by a $140 million major
residential and commercial redevelopment of the area.

Lucida SansSitting Bunbury member, Tony
Dean, has claimed that under a liberal/National government the project
would be dropped blaming an obsession by Liberal leader Colin Barnett
of an obsession with the $2 billion canal project to feed water to the
Perth metropolitan area.

Bunbury outer harbour

Bunbury outer harbour

The Bunbury outer harbour as photographed from Marlston Hill. Some of Bunbury's most exclusive real estate is pictured in the foreground opposite the harbour.

On the right hand side of the photo is the old Bunbury jetty, subject of much local discussion as to whether to spend millions of dollars on retaining the structure or to simply have it demolished.

Eaton - Bunbury Western Australia

Eaton - Bunbury Western Australia

This is the entrance from the Bunbury Highway to Eaton, north of Bunbury, one of the area's major residential bases.

Eaton is home to a high school and two government primary schools and a major 7 days shopping centre.

Marlston Hill - Bunbury real estate

Marlston Hill - Bunbury real estate

Bunbury's premium residential real estate is at Marlston Hill, immediately to the north of the main city area.

Developed by Land Corp and marketed by Southern Districts, The Professionals Bunbury, the Marlston Hill development won numerous awards around Australia for urban renewal.

This shot is of a 3-storey triplex development on the corner of Marlston Drive and Henry Street, Bunbury.

Bunbury real estate guide

There is a live Bunbury real estate
and Bunbury property guide
at Bunbury Online.

The Bunbury Online real estate guide dominates the major search engines
for searches for Bunbury real estate and features information and
listings from the following Bunbury real estate agents.

DAD Realty

Summit Realty

Gard and Associates

Ray White Real Estate

SAS Realty

Just Property Management

Realty Executives, Bunbury

Advance Realty Century 21

Raine & Horne Real Estate Bunbury

Elders Real Estate Bunbury

Donnybrook First National Real Estate

Southern Districts The Professionals Bunbury

The Professionals Bunbury - Southern Districts Estate Agency...

Barr and Standley Real Estate Bunbury

Bunbury Land and Estate Agency

Commercial Realty Bunbury

South West Property Solutions

Teede Realty Bunbury

VNW Independent Donnybrook Real Estate

Bunbury real estate agent ..... Bunbury property

Bunbury Western Australia - Bunbury harbour at night

Bunbury Western Australia - Bunbury harbour at night

This is a shot from The Strand at Marlston Hill, overlooking the outer Bunbury harbour. Closer to the beach area there is a marina for recreational boats and behind this the fishing boat area and then the larger port facilities for the shipping of mineral sands. Alumina, silica, woodchips and other items are exported from the Bunbury inner harbour.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Bunbury Tower - Western Australia

Bunbury Tower - Western Australia

The Bunbury Tower is a 10 storey office building alongside the Lord Forrest Hotel that is predominantly home to many State Government offices. Presently it is also home to the City of Bunbury whilst the Stephen Street Council offices are rebuilt and refurbished.

The Bunbury Tower houses the South West Development Commision, Water Corp, Education Department, Department of Trade and many other State Government departments and is located on Victoria Street at the northern end of the "Cappucino Strip".

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Bunbury inner harbour

4 great iPhotos

An aerial shot with a view of Bunbury's inner harbour.

Photo courtesy of Greg Gardiner of Summit Realty Bunbury; photographer Alan Deveau.

Bunbury city and coastline

4 great iPhotos

A great shot of the central Bunbury area. The Marlston Hill development is at the top of the land area in the photo. Don't forget to check out the Bunbury real estate feature at Bunbury Online.

Photo courtesy of Greg Gardiner of Summit Realty Bunbury; photographer Alan Deveau.

Busselton jetty swim 2005

4 great iPhotos

This is a pic of the midway point of the 2005 Busselton Jetty swim

Photo courtesy of Greg Gardiner of Summit Realty Bunbury; photographer Alan Deveau.

Busselton Western Australia - Jetty Swim

4 great iPhotos

The start of the 2005 Busselton jetty swim. If you look closely you may even see Robin Belford!

Photo courtesy of Greg Gardiner of Summit Realty Bunbury; photographer Alan Deveau.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Bunbury Travel Expo

Jetset Bunbury Travel this weekend plays host to the Bunbury Travel,
Food and Wine Expo.

Held at the Sanctuary Golf Resort, the Bunbury Travel Expo runs from
11am - 4pm and admission is $2 or $10 with souvenir tasting glass.
Children are admitted free.

As usual, Tony Piparo has organised loads of giveaways and prizes
including free trips to Bali, Royal Caribbean cruises and Eurail First
Class rail pass.

For full details contact Tony or his team at Jetset Bunbury Travel or
just show up at the Sanctuary on Sunday.

Busselton tourism and Busselton real estate

The new Bunbury Online information and Bunbury tourism site will go
live in April 2005 after the release of the Busselton Online website in
March 2005.

The Busselton website will have its core an online Busselton
accommodation booking service and several other Busselton tourism
modules, as well as a Busselton real estate and Busselton property
guide, a full Busselton business directory and a whole lot more.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Bunbury Western Australia History

The original inhabitants of Bunbury and the Western Australian south
west are the Aboriginal Noongar people. The people hunted and fished
throughout the area prior to the first European settlement in the

Prior to this, the first unintentional discovery of the coastline were
by the Dutch East Indies ships blown off course by the Roaring Forties
trade winds from the 1600’s. In 1791 French admiral D’Entrecasteaux
was searching the coast for the missing French explorer La Perousse.
His name and that of the ships he commanded, the Récherche and
Espérance are remembered along the WA south coast with towns, parks and
beaches around the WA coast being named after both French and Dutch
seamen and explorers.

In 1803 by the French explorers Nicolas Baudin and Louis de Freycinet,
from their ships the Geographe and Casuarina, made the first recorded
mapping of Koombana Bay and the Bunbury area. Lieutenant Freycinet
named the area Port Leschenault after his botanist, Jean Baptiste
Leschenault de la Tour.

Today the historic Leschenault Homestead is situated near Bunbury’s
Inner Harbour. Built between 1854 and 1874 by William Pearce Clifton,
the then Bunbury Magistrate, the home was constructed by the “wattle
and daub” method or timber, wattle lathes and mud.

The homestead has been the focus of much discussion in recent years as
it sits on land required for the expansion of the Bunbury port. It is
likely that the house will be shifted to a new site where it will be
operated as a museum.

By 1831, threatened by the interest of the French in the area, a
temporary English military settlement was established with the first
settlers moving here in 1938. At the same time the settlement was
given the name of Bunbury, after Lieutenant Henry William St Pierre

In 1840 the central area of Bunbury was officially surveyed and the
settlement had its first magistrate, George Elliot, appointed. At the
same time a settlement at Australind, a few miles to the north was
growing steadily and by 1841 there were 400 people living in Bunbury.

By 1842 Bunbury was home to 16 buildings including an Inn. Thereafter,
a growing port serviced the settlers and the subsequent local
industries that developed.

In particular whaling plays a vital part in Bunbury’s early white
history and meant that it was not only Europeans that were inhabitants
in the early years but also whalers from the USA east coast.

One of the other major industries to open up the south west and cement
the importance of Bunbury as a port was the timber industry. In North
American fashion, timber logs would be floated down the Collie River to
be loaded aboard ships headed to the northern hemisphere or to South
Africa and India where the hardwood timbers were used for railway
sleepers. Trade through the port was increased further by the
completion of a railway in 1891.

In 1903 a breakwater to further protect the bay and port area was
completed and today the Bunbury port is one of Australia’s major ports
servicing mainly the minerals industry that has become such a major
part of the local economy. The south west area is home to one of the
world’s major sources of various mineral sands and alumina.

Bunbury became a city on 8 October 1979 and today has a population of
51,000 with 123,000 people living in the south west area of Western

Bunbury Western Australia

The initial WA Online site is Bunbury Online.

Bunbury is located on Australia’s south west coast and is the state of
Western Australia’s second largest city and is 180km and a 2 hour drive
via Mandurah, south from the state capital of Perth. Bunbury is nested
between the Collie and Preston Rivers, Koombana Bay, Leschenault Inlet
and the Indian Ocean.

Throughout its history Bunbury's port has been central to its economy,
with exports of mineral sands and alumina being shipped from Bunbury.
The WA Government property arm Landcorp is presently negotiating
relocation of much of the existing port facilities that will enable the
freeing up of existing port areas for recreation, tourism and housing.

Bunbury is part of the South West region of Western Australia, an area
once inhabited by the Aboriginal Noongar people. Today many place
names are derived from the Noongar language and the Noongar people have an arts and craft store located near Bunbury in the fruit growing town
of Donnybrook.

Bunbury is the gateway to the more famous tourist and wine towns of
Busselton, Margaret River, Dunsborough, Augusta and Yallingup that
occupy places around the Naturaliste and Leeuwin Capes south of
Bunbury. Indeed at Augusta, the Indian and Southern Oceans meet.

The Margaret River region is famous not only for it’s great surf but
also for it’s world class wines. The area is widely known as one of
the world’s premium, boutique wine growing regions.

Almost all vineyards and wineries in the area are open to the public
with sample tastings and cellar door purchasing available. One of the
bigger Margaret River wineries, Leeuwin Estate, hosts one of Western
Australia’s major cultural annual events, the Leeuwin Concert each

Bunbury is the regional capital with a large business and government
services community both within its CBD area and various commercial
centres scattered around the city. The CBD has a swathe of restaurants
and cafés, making it a great place for a streetside meal or coffee.

More recently a new urban renewal project at the city’s northern edge
has opened up a new and vibrant waterside area for the city. Dubbed
Marlston Hill, this area is home to not only to upmarket restaurants
and other eateries but also to the city’s newest and most expensive
real estate development. Recently a property on the waterfront street
“The Strand” fetched $1.2 million, a record residential housing price
for the Bunbury area.

Overall Bunbury is a modern city possessing all the westernised
infrastructure requirements sought by someone looking to establish a
new home or business. Most government and national commercial
operations are represented and there is a wide variety of social
opportunities on offer, making Bunbury an ideal potential home.

Bunbury Western Australia Weather & Climate

Bunbury’s climate can best be described as Mediterranean.

There’s a hot summer with cooling afternoon sea breezes and a winter bringing cooler temperatires and rain that supports diverse agricultural industries.

Whilst summer officially runs December to February, you can generally expect the hot months to be January and February with lovely warm and sunny days October to December and March through April. The official summer temperature averages are 14º Celsius to an average daily maximum of 28º.

In winter the average daily temperatures range from a 9º minimum to a maximum 19ºC.

There’s an average 900mm of rain each year and the number of “wet” days will run somewhere between 120 to 150 days per year, usually from May through September.

Western Australians are often humorously referred to as Sandgropers and the coastal area of Bunbury, like the capital city of Perth, gives some explanation to the nickname.

The pristine white beaches actually extend well beyond the beaches with the coastal plains of the south west being made up of light, sandy soils. Further inland this will change to a loamy mix but digging holes (if this is your fancy) in the Bunbury residential areas is not a problem!

Overall Bunbury is one of those undiscovered jewels of the modern, western world. It has all the modern amenities and infrastructure one would expect, is free of disease and has first class medical services, a raft of education possibilities and is comparatively a very affordable place to live. There are no regular natural disasters likely to occur and perhaps a criticism is that maybe it lacks some excitement.

But for those who enjoy the lack of excitement of earthquakes, mudslides or typhoons and the security of being in safe, isolated retreat from world events mixed with a pristine natural backdrop, then Bunbury is the place to visit or make home.

Bunbury real estate agent

There are a number of Bunbury real estate agents on the Bunbury Online website.

These include -

DAD Realty
A local company offering dedicated, personal real estate service. Speak
to Mike Davies and the DAD team for friendly, expert advice on the
Bunbury real estate and property market.

Summit Realty
Leaders in Bunbury Real Estate.
Summit Realty are conveniently located opposite the Lord Forrest Hotel
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Ray White Real Estate
Ray White Bunbury can give your property local, national and
international exposure and we provide specialist services in auctions,
residential sales, property management and strata management services.

SAS Realty
SAS is a family business lead by John Saunders, one of the leading Real
Estate Agents in the South West with 27 years experience. Our services
include: Property Sales, Business Sales, Auctions, Property
Management,Property Development and Special Projects.

Just Property Management
We specialise in the management of residential rental property.
Offering a 7 day service to both tenants, owners and investors we are
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Realty Executives, Bunbury
With a major market share of listings and a high number of sales, we
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Bunbury Realty Executives.

Advance Realty Century 21

Raine & Horne Real Estate Bunbury

Elders Real Estate Bunbury

Donnybrook First National Real Estate

Southern Districts The Professionals Bunbury

The Professionals Bunbury - Southern Districts Estate Agency...

Barr and Standley Real Estate Bunbury

Bunbury Land and Estate Agency

Commercial Realty Bunbury

South West Property Solutions

Teede Realty Bunbury

VNW Independent Donnybrook Real Estate

Bunbury real estate agent ..... Bunbury property

To view the Bunbury real estate agent list go to -

Bunbury real estate

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Bunbury Western Australia

WA Online: Building information bridges for Western Australian communities.

This blog aims to provide information on the WA Online project that will in 2005 provide a total 29 websites around Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

Presently, WA Online is planning a March debut for its exciting new internet ecommerce tools via a technology preview site for Busselton WA.

The Busselton Online site (all WA Online websites are called Town Online) aims to provide important local information for local people. This includes local news, events calendar, schools and community organisations information and updates, TV and local entertainment guides, fuel prices, full weather information, online classified adverts, bill payment, street directory and directions, transport timetables, school vacation and holiday dates .... and all of these services are completely free, being provided through a completely new animated, graphical interface.

The other side of the WA Online information bridge provides an entry ramp for visitors from outside the local community so that a potential visitor, investor, immigrant or researcher has the tools to find out more about a local area or purchase products and services from this area.

There’s information about moving, retiring and relocating a business to Town X, a photo gallery, live webcam and/or video panoramas, schools and education updates, businesses and trades directories, online real estate listings, online employment and things to do and places to see.

Additionally, there are online ecommerce modules that allow for direct purchases of products and services in the area including online accommodation booking including last minute specials, online local car hire and flights, live restaurant and eatery menus and bookings, wineries ecommerce and tours and destinations/activities online bookings.

The Rollout:

March - Busselton

April - Bunbury

May - Denmark

June - Dampier Karratha Margaret River Derby Perth Fremantle Broome Bridgetown Manjimup Port Hedland Kalgoorlie Mandurah

July - Albany Esperance Alice Springs Darwin Exmouth Carnarvon Collie Narrogin Coral Bay Moora Northam Wyndham Kununurra Geraldton

WA Online sites are presently located at -