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Keith Palmer CV

Keith Phillip Palmer

7 The Strand Bunbury 6230
Phone: 08 9791 5556, 0417 435 142 



Keith Palmer has over 20 years success in business management, innovation and marketing, particularly in the areas of construction and technology manufacturing – managing up to 45 staff in both Sydney and Western Australia.

For the past 5 years Mr Palmer has been with Holcim (Australia) Pty Ltd, most recently as Sales & Marketing Manager, and project managed various developments, been involved with national marketing efforts and establishing an Architectural concrete division as a national leader, both in revenue share and proactive Quality, sales and loyalty programmes.

In his time at Holcim he has won major commercial and infrastructure projects, grown their merchandising business from a $100 annual profit to now over $130,000 and increased their architectural concrete sales over 200% whilst at the same time increasing margins and profit.

Employing relentless marketing campaigns whilst combining the incorporation of quality procedures into all operations, Mr Palmer has grown local start-ups into national, award-winning operations and was hand-picked to directly consult to the President & CEO of a USA-based major multinational company.

His companies have been the winner of the WA Business Awards (Total Quality Management) representing Western Australia at the national finals presented by the Prime Minister, a finalist at the WA Industry and Export Awards, Winner Most Innovative Business WA - South West, a bevy of other State and National awards and was only the second south west WA company to achieve ISO Quality Assurance accreditation.

Mr Palmer played a key role in the urban redevelopment of the WA city of Bunbury, developing, constructing and managing the workforces of a number of the "landmark" multi-storey commercial and residential developments in the area. He also conceived Bunbury’s original short-stay accommodation business in which he not only specified design and functionality, but also constructed and then managed these properties.

Keith Palmer is the 1987 WA winner of the Five Outstanding Australians, was critical in establishing south west WA's first internet portal in the early 1990's and has developed a reputation in both his marketing and construction activities, that near enough is NOT good enough, insisting on Quality at all levels whilst driving schedules and maintaining budgets.

Crucial to all roles held by Mr Palmer has been his credo –
“Quality is not an occasional concern but a relentless dedication.”

Employment History

2006 – 2011 Holcim (Australia) Pty Ltd (formerly Readymix) Sales & Marketing Manager 2010 – 2011
Construction Services Manager 2006 – 2009

Set and meet yearly budgets and attain ROI & EBITDA targets, review and communicate monthly
Communicate monthly to COO revised volume projections and update and explain these weekly thereafter
Targeted strategy of key boutique and high performance concrete - infrastructure market aimed at reducing competition and increasing margins – result is budget EBITDA is achieved on lower local volume whist Average Selling Price has increased significantly beyond budget
Improved COD account from debit $110,000 to typically credit $20,000+ at any time
Turned around a loss-making construction services division into a month in, month out profit maker on lower turnover inside 1 year, rectifying problems and system failures in this business
Achieved sales increases around a .002 reinvestment of concrete sales revenue into advertising charges
Increased margins on entire concrete business, developing cost and profit optimization programmes that ensure industry-leading margins
Devised, wrote and presented the 2009 South West business strategies “On Boralled Time” and the “Money of Colour” – focus on financial history and market share maintenance
Designed and implemented premium trades programmes and refocused quality standards to the final consumer to drive down rectification costs whilst improving product quality and reputation – rework costs and liabilities reduced by 90% resulting in equivalent EBITDA increase
Introduction of raw material by-products so as to increase product margin & EBITDA Review and negotiate product pricing & transport so as to contain costs

Business Improvements & Achievements:
Initiated and introduced Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) software into the Holcim south west business unit, ensuring organisational consistency, communication and accountability throughout the geographically spread operation; presently assisting with selection and rollout of CRM at a national level – has also reduced potential for liability by providing effective date-stamped historical and consistent records
Reviewed, rationalized & evolved staffing roles and responsibilities so as to improve effectiveness of organizational structure
Achieved profits in excess of $132,000 on merchandising products (up from $125 profit for full year, when started with Holcim)
Increased architectural concrete revenue to $6.5 million in 2008 (up from $3 million on joining Holcim, an increase of 217%) with market share of 99% amongst 4 suppliers
Driving a targeted marketing campaign, has grown architectural concrete business to up to 39.9% of total concrete revenue (up from 17% in 2006)
Project managed various concrete construction projects including a 6 night project that generated $70,000+ profit
Incorporate and lead on the introduction of Net Promoter Score (NPS) performance measurement within the local Holcim business and set up and delivered online Customer Satisfaction Surveys for Holcim business
Focus on continual updating and accuracy of all customer database records reducing admin time wastage and increasing business professionalism
Hired and supervised sales/marketing staff, Construction Services contractors and staff
Rationalised and improved product offerings including incorporation of improved and health and safety procedures – meeting or exceeding all Safety, Health and Environment targets
Expert concrete diagnostics and work practices including responsibilities for diagnosing concrete issues and dealing with customer complaints – led and resolved all face-to-face potential customer liability situations
Winner Holcim Outstanding Achievement in Sales award, 2009-2010

Marketing, Innovation & Sustainability:
Co-Champion for sustainable concrete development – directing Ecomax Green Star product launch, rollout & marketing including writing and devising all Ecomax product literature for Western Australia and Northern Territory – presented to senior Holcim management
Winner, major award – Innovation in Concrete (Cement Concrete Aggregates Australia, 2010 & representing WA at national finals)
Developed and initiated Holcim Platinum Partner Programme defensive marketing strategy together with South West Community Fund in partnership with WA Regional Newspapers and City of Bunbury, obtaining major media commitments and raising over $60,000 to distribute within the community
Devised, directed and implemented 2009 Spring Marketing Programme that saw over 700 incremental people/groups visit the Bunbury architectural concrete display and a surge in business turnover
Developed from scratch, including all written materials, a range of marketing materials for architectural products including colour sales brochures, media advertising, Best Practice Placement Guide, safety cards, product colour and style charts, websites and database emailed newsletter campaigns
Devised, designed and implemented Holcim South West and Perth Metro websites ( & & totally produced sales and marketing multimedia DVD
Developed all web marketing to position concretewa website at the top of relevant searches in all major search engines
Planned, implemented and hosted several public meetings promoting Holcim/Readymix products and services
Developed full commercial display centres in Busselton, Bunbury, Margaret River and Manjimup where none existed previously
Set up mailing system and wrote/produced regular email newsletters

2005 - 2006
Specialist multi-storey Construction Consultant, BGC
Hired to problem-solve multi-storey construction issues and provide business and construction advice
Developed in-house training model and trades loyalty programme - "BGC Diamonds"
Developed Customer Service models & strategies, led “dealing with Difficult Customers” seminar & frontline to difficult customer situations
Evaluated online warranty/maintenance and task software
Reporting & recommendations on structural & construction issues
Individual projects up to $1 million & concurrent projects of approximately $10 million Record construction completion of 9 weeks on BGC Display Home
Offered role of Business & Quality Manager 2006, left to take up role with Readymix

General Manager (Construction) - Western Edge Resorts, multi-storey construction and development, hands-on project management and supervision for up-market commercial, tourist and residential properties
Individual "landmark" and boutique projects up to $3 million (up to $5 million concurrently), organising multiple trades and construction stages on individual commercial & multi-use sites
Developed in-house Quality systems, taking projects from design through to fit-out & commercial management, setting and meeting budgets
Worked closely from planning through construction with local government authorities
Contract management services including online services and marketing, e-commerce and record-breaking search engine web marketing – WA & NT

General Manager - technology developer and marketer, Zytech Marketing Pty Ltd
Grew startup to a $1 million/month revenue, multi-award winning and internationally respected company within 5 years
Directed over 45 staff in Bunbury, Perth and Sydney
Winner WA Business Awards - Total Quality Management
Direct consultant to Al Shugart (dec), former founder, President & CEO, Seagate Technologies (USA) - one of the world’s largest technology companies
Second south west WA company to attain ISO 9002 Quality Assurance; researched, planned, designed, developed, wrote, trained and implemented all ISO 9002 Quality Assurance procedures, manuals, policies and supporting documents for 40 staff in 3 geographic locations
Represented Western Australia at Australian Business Awards presented by Prime Minister Robert Hawke
Australia’s sole member Seagate Technology Group (14 companies worldwide) & SyQuest Technologies Strategic Partner (5 companies worldwide)
Winner Most Innovative Business WA - South West
Runner-Up, WA Industry and Export Awards (Best Regional Business), beaten by Woodside Petroleum
Twice Winner MacWorld Australia Awards - Best Peripheral Product
Winner MacWorld Australia Awards (Gold Award) - Best Customer Service (beating Apple)
World’s largest sales of Seagate hard drive - model ST3257N
Proposed and organised south west Western Australia’s first online internet presence by partnering the Bunbury Tourist Bureau and Phoenix Media Labs to jointly produce the Bunbury Tourism Portal - guest speaker at the launch of this site - subsequently evolved to MySouthWest
Sole external invitee and participant to worldwide Seagate Plenary sessions for Seagate Technologies executive and international directors – USA
Specified and contracted product or component manufacture with contractors both in Australia and overseas and managed delivery timeframes, costs, quality, performance and reliability (according to implemented ASA/ISO 9002 QA specifications)

Education Head of Department, managed staff of 6 & TAFE lecturer
Created Mesh Youth Theatre group with a startup grant of $200 and then generated revenue of $345,000 within 12 months (including a $35,000 profit), organised “The Sentimental Bloke” tour of Singapore & Malaysia (Australia’s largest-ever overseas theatre tour) 1987 & WA tour “Grease" 1985
WA Winner, Five Outstanding Australians, 1987

Bachelor of Arts (Comm), University of Western Australia 1987 Diploma of Teaching, WASTC (Edith Cowan University) 1978
Various professional and management short courses including – Safety Management Training (2 day course, Holcim Australia, 2010) Green Star Professional training 2009
Financial Dynamics (2 day courses, 1997 & 2009)

Chairman, High Performance Concrete – Design & Applications: Current Practice & State-of-the-Art (Concrete Institute of Australia & Professor Priyan Mendis – Melbourne University, 2011)
Chairman, Reinforcing – Not Traditional (Concrete Institute of Australia, 2011)
Chairman, Concrete Innovations (2010)
Chairman, Concrete – A Sustainable Construction Product (2009)
Chairman, Concrete with Attitude – Architectural Concrete: Present & Future Applications (2008)
Cement & Concrete Engineering - Technology & Practice (2 day intensive course, Cement & Concrete Services, 2008)
Concrete Liquid Retaining Structures Design & Construction Workshop (Cement & Concrete Services, 2011)
Concrete Repair & Protection Workshop (Cement & Concrete Services, 2011)
Tiltup & Precast Design Workshop (2 day intensive course, Cement & Concrete Services, 2010)
Concrete Technology (1 week course, Cement & Concrete Association of Australia, 2007)
Concrete Technology & Testing (1 week course, Holcim Australia, 2009)
Planning for Crack Control – Shrinkage, Cracking & Restraint (Concrete Institute of Australia, 2010)
Concrete 2011 (3 day conference, Concrete Institute of Australia, 2011)
Written & presented numerous courses for staff, architects, builders including “High Performance Concrete”, “Best Practice Concrete Placement” seminars (2007 – 2011), staff training modules and various trade and industry courses

WA Builders’ Registration - S740
C Class WA drivers’ license
Tiltup Construction Supervisor (Worksafe Qualification) Forklift license
Senior First Aid certificate
Construction Safety Awareness
4WD & Defensive Driving, Gravel Roads (Drive Safe Australia)

Other Skills and Experience
Improves staff so that they are proud and confident of achieving beyond what they previously expected
Identifies critical personnel roles and incorporates these people into project “ownership” and “team” responsibilities
Experienced business manager - having managed staff, resources and materials, QA, product development and manufacturing in situations that have included up to 3 simultaneous locations across Australia
Familiar with building codes, government and Occupational Health and Safety regulations and laws
Conceived, researched, written and developed many business and marketing plans with the aim of returning maximum benefit to stakeholders involved whilst providing new or improved services and benefits to customers or the identified market
Worked closely with Presidents, Vice Presidents, Product Managers and National Managers of large multinational corporations
Planned, contracted and set up trade show exhibitions and sales displays in WA & NSW and participated in or attended trade shows/exhibitions in USA, Singapore and Taiwan
Highest level knowledge in all aspects of internet usage, issues and implementation of Internet search engine marketing practices
Regular editorial contributor to several national and state-based magazines in late 1970's to early 1980's
Served on various industry and community boards and committees including the Concrete Institute of Australia, Bunbury Enterprise Group and Bunbury Tourist Bureau

Max Andrews, Technical Manager Perth Concrete Holcim (Australia)
phone: 08 9212 2132, 0419 477 594

Shaun Palfrey, General Manager
Scott Park Homes
phone: 08 9791 8888, 0409 084 389

Paul Uno, Director (& former Readymix Concrete East Technical Director) Cement & Concrete Services
Phone: 02 9899 7447, 0413 998 031