Thursday, February 24, 2005

Landcorp Bunbury outer harbour redevelopment - submission

Landcorp Bunbury outer harbour redevelopment (more)

The following is Keith Palmer's short submission to Landcorp on the proposed Bunbury outer harbour redevelopment plan.

Landcorp has an internet submissions page but after several attemps it is my experience that the submitting engine produces an error 100% of the time. Therefore phone 1300 730 594 or email to submit your thoughts.

Whilst I support the redevelopment of the Bunbury outer harbour the plan put forward by Landcorp seems rash and ill-conceived.

To me the plan being proposed displays all the hallmarks of a rushed design that has been motivated by factors other than producing an optimal project for Bunbury and its people.

Already the Jetty Baths beach is muddy and poluted from a combination of industry and restricted flushing. The Landcorp plan will further restrict the natural flushing of this beach and will directly contribute to this potentially pristine, public beach being a mud and slush pool.

Rather than return the area more to its natural state the Landcorp proposal aims to constrict and bottle up the waterway and boating passages around the development. It seems illogical that a concept plan should work against nature and history.

To me the Landcorp plan aims to produce maximum revenue for the agency with little regard to natural, historical and ecological factors. There have been no alternatives suggested nor have any been sought and the Bunbury City Council and Bunbury Port Authority have been locked out of the planning due to political considerations.

That a plan that has been clearly expediently produced should be the sole development plan for comment is both short sighted and insulting to the people of Bunbury and the future they deserve.

Footnote: It is further disappointing that the Landcorp feedback page produces errors and fails to submit people's feedback on this matter. Once again this indicates a lack of planning and ill-conceived and poorly maintained systems and implementation.